At Raincache we sell both plain ended and socketed pipes in 3m lengths. Our popular plain ended pipe comes with both ends chamfered ready for immediate use. The socketed pipe comes with one plain chamfered end and one socket, which incorporates a rubber seal for the perfect joint connection.


We sell two types of couplings – slip couplings for pipe repairs and standard couplings for everyday pipe joints. Each type incorporates a captive rubber seal.


With our wide range of bends all eventualities are covered, with options from 15° to 90° as well as a completely flexible adjustable bend that will adapt to any angle between 0 and 90° – ideal to keep handy for that one connection that doesn’t quite line up!  Rest bends are used for the connection at the bottom of the soil stack.


Both 45° and 90° junctions are available in triple and double socket versions. Branches that connect 110mm drainage into 160mm can be found in our 160mm drainage section.

A large range of gullies are available including bottle gullies with round or square grids, top inlet and back inlet versions and old style P trap gullies with both 45° and 90° outlets. 


We stock a wide range of adaptors which will enable you both to connect all sizes of waste pipe and rainwater downpipes into the drainage system and to connect your new 110mm drainage to other materials such as cast iron and clay.


Our 110mm underground drainage is fully compatible with all other leading manufacturers’ systems. It is also a perfect fit for our 110mm Soil and Waste systems.


Twinwall Drainage is manufactured from HDPE for use in Surface Water and Stormwater applications. We stock a range of sizes from 150mm right up to 600mm. This pipe is very strong and is ideal for use beneath paths, roads, airport and railways. It is also commonly used in the construction of infrastructure for the leisure, agricultural and commercial sectors.

Our unperforated Twinwall drainage pipes come in range of sizes from 150mm to 600mm. The perforated pipes are available from 150mm to 300mm. A range of joiners, 45° and 90° bends and junctions are available to complete the range. Ring seals can be inserted into as required to ensure a completely watertight seal.


Our Domestic Channel Drain can be applied around many domestic areas where surface water collects including drive way, patios, forecourt areas, conservatories, swimming pools, sports areas, gardens, water features and retaining walls

Individual sections are designed to be slotted to the next length using the pre-formed interlocking groove. Corners are formed using the pre-formed corner sections 

Our channel drainage has a loading capacity of 5 tonne overall with a 1.5 tonne single point load, making it suitable for use in domestic driveways. Channel Drains should always be backfilled with concrete to ensure the structure and loading capacity is maintained


When correctly installed, flexible land drain is a super-efficient way of collecting rainwater from the surrounding soil and transporting it  to a harmless run-off area such as a Street Drain, Canal or a specially constructed soakaway.

The most common size that we sell is 110mm diameter.

Water enters the land drain, which is perforated all around the circumference, through small pre-formed holes in the wall of the pipe. The pipe itself is laid to a gradual fall to allow the collected water to then run off to a pre-specified destination.

If you need to construct more than one run of land drain , we stock joiners and Y junctions. And please don’t forget to protect your land drain installation with our Geotextile Membrane, which stops soil from being washed into the pipe and clogging up the perforations


lexible Ducting is generally available in 3 popular colours – Black (for electrical services), Blue (for water pipes) and Yellow (for gas pipe).  As specialists in Ducting we also stock Green (telecoms, cable and CCTV), Purple (Motorway cabling) and Orange (street lighting). The most commonly used coils of duct are the 110mm Black cable ducting and the 63mm Blue for water. For smaller installation of electrical cable we sell the Black 40mm system by the metre.


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