Rain Gutters are an essential part of your property’s structure, and one of the most important defenses against water damage. Designed for channeling water from the roof of your property to a proper drainage system, rain gutters have become a vital feature for any home or business. Therefore, owners have the important task to make an informed decision – according to their budget and the property’s needs – in order to achieve a flawless rain gutter installation. By doing this, you are making sure that your home stays dry and your foundation stays protected against water damage.

There is a wide array of rain gutter material to choose from. it’s not about which one of them is the best or the worst; it’s about which one works best for you, since every material has its advantages and drawbacks, and it is important for you to evaluate some aspects when choosing the right material for your rain gutters. 
Below is a list of the frequently used materials for rain gutters and their benefits and drawbacks, so you can go ahead confidently with your rain gutter installation.

types of rain-gutter-materials


PVC Gutter

PVC rain gutters are preferred by homeowners, thanks to being inexpensive, lightweight, easy to install, and the fact that they never rust. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts prefer this material because it is very easy to handle and install. However, if installed incorrectly the rain gutters can sag. Other common problems with PVC rain gutters include brittleness and cracking due to exposure to extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, they are perfect for homeowners who need new rain gutters but are on a budget. More


Aluminum Gutter

Aluminum rain gutters are the perfect combination of durability and price. They are a homeowner favorite because of their many advantages, such as being lightweight and easy to work with, as well as being rust-proof. Another plus is that seamless rain gutters can be manufactured with aluminum. As their name implies, these rain gutters do not have seams, thus preventing water from leaking. The makes aluminum one of the best rain gutter. The only disadvantage to aluminum rain gutters is that they aren’t as sturdy as other materials and can dent. More


Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel rain gutters are very popular among homeowners. They are usually coated with a layer of zinc and can either be professionally installed or purchased as a do-it-yourself project – though it is recommended that they are installed by specialists since the rain gutters need to be soldered together. The benefits of purchasing galvanized steel material is that they are cost-efficient compared to other materials. However, this material is prone to rusting and must be painted periodically.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel rain gutters are known for being extremely sturdy and durable. They won’t rust like their galvanized steel counterparts, in fact they preserve their shine for many years. However, because stainless steel is one of the strongest materials in the rain gutter industry, they are usually two-to-four times more expensive than gutters made from weaker materials.



Along with stainless steel, copper is another high-end material, as well as one of the most durable for rain gutters. It doesn’t rust, and because of its elegant appearance, it is desired by homeowners everywhere and one of the best rain gutter. The only drawback is the price – since it is a high-end material, owners can expect to pay N5000 to N7000 per linear foot, though prices vary with the value of copper.



Wood was one of the first materials used to create rain gutters but gradually dropped out of favor with the advent of more resistant materials. However, rain gutters made of redwood, cedar, and fir are still available and mainly used for renovations on historic houses. Wood rain gutters are expensive due to their classic appeal and range from N3500 to N7000 per linear foot.


How Aluminum Gutters Can Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

In almost all the aspects of our lives, first impressions are key, when you buy a book, when you go to a job interview or when you meet somebody; your home is not the exception. Your house’s curb appeal is as important as your own appearance since it reflects what you are probably going to find inside. If your garden is neglected, your rain gutters are overflowing, and the walls need to be painted, it’s possible that people – especially buyers, have a negative reaction to your property.

As part of your to-do list to enhance your home’s curb appeal you must include the installation or enhancement of regular or  custom rain gutters  and downspouts. Believe it or not, having a drainage system is vital for your home to be protected against unnecessary repairs caused by water damages in your roof, walls, garden and in the worst case, in your house’s foundations. Rain gutters provide your home with both functionality and style allowing you to personalize your home exterior.


One of the best materials among the wide variety of rain gutters existing in the market is the aluminum gutters, which with a great number of advantages have become the best option for both homeowners and builders. Aluminum is a silvery-white, high-quality metal, remarkable for properties like lightweight, rust-resistance and malleability. These valuable characteristics make it very used in the manufacturing industry in products like cans, windows, airplane parts, rain gutters, among others.


Below, we present the most outstanding advantages of aluminum gutters:

  • Cost-effective

Unlike many people think, aluminum gutters are a low-cost option in the market, it doesn’t mean that they are a low-quality product, on the contrary, they provide excellent features for an affordable cost compared with other materials. With aluminum gutters, you won’t have to spend too much money on regular maintenance services, as they are very easy to clean and paint which helps you to save time and money.

  • Durability

Aluminum gutters have the great advantage of being rust-resistant and they use to have a lifetime of 50 years or more. At the market you can also find other metallic gutters like copper, stainless steel, and galvanized steel; the problem with this type of rain gutters is the weight they add to your roof’s fascia. With aluminum gutters you won’t have this issue since they are lightweight and at the same time strong enough to resist a heavy rainfall and carry it away from your house’s foundations.

Another good reason to choose aluminum gutters is that they don’t get affected by temperature changes, so they won’t crack – as in the case of PVC, what makes them perfect to be installed in places with both hot or snowy weather.

  • Easy Installation

Their lightweight makes aluminum gutters easy to handle while you go up and down the ladder without a problem, so that many homeowners rather try a hand at installing them, however, we always recommend looking for professionals even though it looks easy, remember that technicians have the experience and training to solve any problem that may arise during this important step. Also, they can assess your house’s structure to determine if this kind of material is the most suitable for your home.



Aluminum gutters provide your home with style and protection against water damage

cost effective

 Affordable cost compared with other materials.


Aluminum gutters don’t get affected by temperature changes, so they won’t crack, sag or leak – as in the case of PVC, 

Aluminum gutter will not rust, and will last up to 50 years or more.


We recommend using a professional gutter installer 


It comes in different colours and can be painted to match or complement your exterior colour scheme.

types of rain-gutter-materials


Aluminum gutters are among the best options that the rain gutter market offer you in these days. You can enjoy of excellent quality features that assure you the proper function of the whole drainage system, long-lasting results, maximum customization, low-cost installation, and maintenance, while you add value to your house’s curb appeal, whether you are thinking of selling it or not.

Making improvements to your property is a must for two main reasons. First, your family’s safety must be above all, so if you don’t have a rain gutter system installed or you neglect the one you have, you will probably have to face structural damages in your house, such as, damp ceiling, stained walls, floods in your garden, or even foundation instability; which represent a big risk for all who live with you. Second, having a rain gutter system is a plus to your property’s value, whether residential or commercial, whenever you decide to sell it, so you should see it as an investment instead of a spending.

We hope this blog post has provided you with all the information you were looking for about Aluminum gutters. Whether you are thinking of installing or improving your aluminum gutters, RainCache offers you an excellent service with cutting-edge technology to make tailor-made aluminum gutters that meet all your needs, not to mention our high-skilled team of technicians always at your disposal. Do not hesitate and contact us at +2348158942188 or fill out our contact form below, we will be glad to assist you.

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When you think about having a rain gutter installed on your property, you may start asking which type of materials to choose, and you see yourself in front of your devices staring at a wide list of materials and styles of rain gutters available, feeling completely overwhelmed and confused after reading all that information, and in the end you still have the same question in your head; which one is the best material for my rain gutters? Don’t feel bad if this is happening to you; this is not an easy situation for a homeowner, since not all the information you find on the Internet comes from a reliable source, and this interferes with making a good decision when it comes to rain gutters.

You can find plenty of different rain gutter types, materials and sizes (https://raincache.ng/gutters/types-of-gutters-and-costs/), however, it’s not about which one of them is the best or the worst; it’s about which one works best for you, since every material has its advantages and drawbacks, and it is important for you to evaluate some aspects when choosing the right material for your rain gutters. 

The weather – for example – is a feature that will determine which material of rain gutter is the most suitable for your home, if you have a hot weather where you live, you can not install the same rain gutters as if you live in a snowy or rainy place. This means that the material that would work for some people, will not necessarily work for you.

In this post, we will discuss one of the materials that have become very popular among homeowners and builders in Nigeria, the PVC/Plastic/Vinyl Gutters. This is a synthetic man-made material, resulting of the ethylene (found in crude oil) and chloride (found in regular salt) combination, which after being processed together, form Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Low Cost: 
One of the reasons PVC gutters are currently very popular in Nigeria is their low price; you can find in the market all the PVC rain gutter parts and accessories for an affordable cost compared with other materials. However, there are a lot of cheap versions that are made of a lower quality plastic, which are more prone to get cracked and they just last for a while; so be careful because what’s cheap turns out to be costly. Another benefit of this type of material, regarding its low price is the maintenance; you don’t need to spend too much money in regular maintenance services since PVC gutters when well installed, they don’t require many cares.

Simple Installation: 
PVC gutters are designed to be easily installed, they come in sections that snap together at the joints; this makes them very easy to manage for both installers and homeowners. Compared with others, PVC is do-it-yourselfers’ favorite material because of their combination of practicality and ease; they perfectly fit together at the joints, and their lightweight allows you to carry them up and down the ladder without problems. Despite how simple it may seem, we always recommend looking for experienced rain gutter technicians to avoid poor installations that would end up in costly repairs.

In summary, PVC gutters are a great product in term of cost and ease of installation. The only draw-back with PVC gutters is their durability in harsh weather. If you live in a place with extreme weather, PVC gutters are more likely to flake, get cracked and easily break part resulting in leaks. 

If you live in the tropics (e.g Nigeria), where there is more exposure to sunlight, PVC gutter may not be the best for your property if you are thinking long term, because of UV degradation due to exposure to high temperatures under the sun (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UV_degradation ) 
Heavy rains can also make PVC gutter to sag or bend eventually, so in order to get the best of gutters you need to consider this important variable.

Low Cost: 

Great if you are on a low budget! PVC gutters are currently very popular in Nigeria because of their low price. There are a lot of cheap versions that are made of a lower quality plastic; so be careful because what’s cheap turns out to be costly. 


PVC gutters are designed to be easily installed, they come in sections that snap together at the joints; this makes them very easy to manage for DIYers 


The only draw-back with PVC gutters is their durability in harsh weather. If you live in a place like Nigeria with extreme weather, PVC gutters are more likely to flake, get cracked and easily break part resulting in leaks

types of rain-gutter-materials


We hope this information has clarified all your doubts about PVC gutters and you finally make a decision; remember that having rain gutters in your property is vital to keep it free from flooding in your garden, damp walls or even worse, foundation issues. So, do not hesitate any more, look for a reliable rain gutter company that grants you a quality work and materials.

At RainCache you will find the best quality gutters, as well as the service of experienced and well-prepared technicians that will meet all your rain gutter needs. Contact us at +2348158942188 or by filling out our contact form and we will gladly assist you.
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Rain chains are a functional piece that complements the rain gutter system, providing a touch of beauty and style to the outside of your property. Their main function is to lead rainwater from the roof to the ground in a harmonious way without affecting your home’s curb appeal. There is a wide variety of styles and finishes of rain chains available for you, from the simplest to the trendiest one. An important thing to take in consideration when installing  custom rain gutters  that include rain chains is where to place them, since this is the key to have a drainage system successfully working.

Rain chains origins come from the Japanese culture, they called them “kusari doi” which means “chain gutter”. However, they didn’t have the same function then as today. For years Japanese used their house’ roof to collect rainwater using linked chains hanging from the roof to the ground, and at the end of it, they used to put a large container to collect water for household usage. Over the last decade, rain chains have changed their purpose and they are becoming popular around the world as a decorative downspout, replacing the regular ones.

It is a known fact that rain chains provide both, functional and aesthetic value to your property’s curb appeal, which has increased the interest among homeowners and designers throughout the years, who frequently ask our technicians about them when choosing the rain gutter system that best suits their homes or business property. The following are the two main styles in which you can find them:

rain chain - link

Link Chains

Link chains have a modern design with simple lines that make them look really close to their original Japanese design. They are commonly made of copper or aluminum and they come in a wide variety of shapes for you to choose. This kind of rain chains is just a spectacle to watch. It is very peaceful to see the water falling downward, producing a pleasing sound resembling a cascade, however, they tend to splash more water than cup styles, so that, it is very important not to choose areas near windows, doors or walkways to place them

Cup Chains

On the other hand, cup chains are more popular for the elegant touch that they add to your home, thanks to their sophisticated finish which can be copper or aluminum and diverse and beautiful shapes, such as small cups, square cups, flowers or bells. They are preferred by customers for being better at controlling the flow of water producing fewer spills, which represents a great improvement in efficiency over link chains. Cup chains consist of links and little cups with open bottoms that permit water to travel downward without problems. They can resist higher volumes of water than link chains, which makes it more resistant in places with frequent rainfall.
Both styles of rain chains give you benefits that you should consider when installing your rain gutter system. Here we show you some of them:

rain chain _ cup

Advantages of Having Rain Chains

The most visible advantage of rain chains is that they are more appealing than traditional downspout, since they come in different designs and finishes, including copper and aluminum, which makes your house to look very sophisticated. Some of the models make relaxing sounds like wind chimes, while the water goes through the cup chain, making them a great option for your yard.

Rain chains are eco-friendly. They can be paired with vases and containers to collect rainwater that can be used to water the plants of your garden, this way you contribute with the planet, without wasting this valuable resource and you will keep applying their original function.

Rain chains are usually very simple to install; however, we recommend being done by experts to avoid any complications like an improper installation. Once your rain gutter system is installed, techs will determine the better place to hang them, which should be away from doors, windows, and walkways because of the water splash that they might produce

Considerations Before Choosing Rain Chains

To guarantee the effective use of rain chains you need to consider the climate of your area, especially if you live in a rainy place. Rain chains can work without a problem unless the volume of rainwater coming from your gutters is too high, which is very common during rainy seasons. To resist a heavy downpour with rain chains, you can either install many rain chains or combine them with traditional downspouts. Both options will help your drainage system to distribute the rainwater. It is also important to have an effective collection system, which could be a water feature like a barrel, a temporary water garden or a French drain that directs the water to another place away from the house to prevent damages.

Another natural element you need to consider when choosing rain chains is the wind. If you live in a high wind area your house will need an overhang of at least three feet to permit rain chains to effectively work, as well as a proper drainage system below them. Also, consider anchoring the chain to keep it in place if you are concerned about high winds.

Whether you choose link or cup chains, our recommendation for you is to pick the best option regarding functionality and efficiency, in order to have a harmonious flow of the rainwater in your drainage system, that does not affect the beauty of your front yard or porch.

If you have made up your mind about installing rain chains on your gutters, or if you would like to know more about rain chains from the professionals, RainCache can provide both guidance and expertise in choosing and installing the rain chains you want. Go to our  contact  section or call us at +2348158942188 to learn more about our services


Proper Draining System For Preventing Mold Growth

Proper Drainage Systems

prevent mold

In theory, preventing mold growth inside one’s home is a fairly simple task to do.  

 Often times, water is successfully directed away from the house by a rain gutter but lacks the proper drainage nearby. If the rain-water lacks a drain in close proximity, it can often pool together and head back towards the exterior walls of your home. Gravity often redirects the water right  from where it came from. Be sure to not only keep the tracks of your gutters clear of any debris but also ensure that the water expelled is properly drained and not pooling against the exterior walls of what we hope is your mold-free home.

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