Why are rain gutters important and how they work.

Protect Your Property

A properly installed rain gutter system is important to diverts rainwater away from your home. When gutters are not installed, removed, damaged or obstructed, the water coming from your roof can ruin virtually any part of your home.


Rain gutter systems reduce water and moisture  damage to your home.

 Why Do I need Rain Gutters

According to www.soundhome.com we need gutter systems “in order to help reduce water and moisture damage to our homes.”

But why? Won’t that water just roll off my roof? Problem solved, right?

Wrong — that’s actually part of the problem:

Modern homes are designed to conserve or “trap” energy. That’s good. But in the process, such homes can also trap moisture and that can cause big problems and costly damage. For example, if the soil around the foundation is soaked from roof drainage water, we can assume that at least some of that moisture will find its way into the basement or the concrete floor. Some of this moisture will then be absorbed by the air in the home.

If this moisture saturated air finds itself into some spaces with cold surfaces — and it will, then some of this moisture will condense against these cold surfaces…Condensation in the ceiling and walls can cause fungal wood-rot and that can be very expensive to repair.


prevent mold

Reduce water and Moisture Damage to your home

other key areas of your home vulnerable to water damages are:

  • Where the roof meets the walls. Without effective gutters, wind-driven rain coming off the roof can enter the ceiling, or travel down inside the exterior walls. And also on the outside, repeated downpours can ruin the siding, or stain the brick or stone facade.
  • Around the foundation perimeter. If  not routed away, Rainwater runoff can cause shifts in the soil, foundation cracking and interior flooding. If your HVAC ductwork is embedded in the slab—a common practice in older homes—rainwater seepage can cause corrosion and mold growth in the ducts.

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Product Management

Estelle Neal

Creative Director

How rain gutter system Protect Your Home:

  • Soil around the foundation stays stable, which prevents flooding under the slab, soil erosion and damage to the turf and landscape plantings.
  • Exterior siding and masonry are protected against damage from repeated downpours of water.
  • Driveway, sidewalks and patios are less likely to settle or crack.
  • Roof edge and fascia boards don’t deteriorate.
  • Risk is reduced for hazardous mold growth in the ceiling, walls or ducts.

Benefits of Rain Gutters

1. It makes the soil around the house stable and prevent foundation issues. .
2. Protects your exterior wall from water damage.
3. Reduces need for repaint.
4. Increase valuation of your property ( + curb appeal).
5. Fascia protection.
6. Prevent driveway, walkway and concrete slab cracking.
7. Keep your entrance dry when it’s raining.
8. Protect landscape
9. Prevent soil erosion
10. Water collection for later use

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It rains alot in Nigeria and you need a rainwater system to protect your building against water damage.

Find out how much it rains in your city from our next article.


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